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GK Ginseng Coffee
GK Ginseng Coffee
GK Ginseng Coffee
GK Ginseng Coffee
GK Ginseng Coffee
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Specification of GK Ginseng Coffee

Ginseng Coffee Drink

What is Ginseng Coffee GK?
Ginseng Coffee GK is invigorating, refreshing drinks is a quality selection of ingredients, namely sugar, coffee, krimer and ginseng.

Why Is Formulated So?
Selection of quality ingredients with formulas made with Ginseng, Coffee is not just a GK coffee is refreshing, but it makes the Coffee invigorating Ginseng GK with multipurpose benefits. GK Coffee robusta coffee using type of Ginseng, because it has the best quality of caffeine and arOMA is fragrant. Caffeine works as a nerve and heart pacemakers, so when you drink it will taste fresh and free of drowsiness. Very well known coffee contains antioxidants that high so that it can ward off free radicals in the body.


Ginseng is ginseng, Korean ginseng, which is the world's best to produce extra energy and stamina is formidable. Active compounds "ginsenosides" contained in it makes you more energetic,berstamina and at once has prime immune and blood circulation. Ginseng also serves to prevent anemia and low blood pressure, improves the respiratory function, prevents coughs, asthma and TUBERCULOSIS.
What Are The Advantages Compared To Other Coffee?


Ginseng Coffee GK excellence compared to other coffee is to have a complete formula, so that not only serves as a refreshing drinks but has many health benefits.

What Is Manfaat for health?
# Helped increase stamina
# Helped increase immune
# Helped launch the circulatory
# Helped prevent anemia, low blood pressure and cardiac disorders


Hot: One Sachets Ginseng Coffee brewed with GK 1 glass of hot water (150 ml), stir well and serve in hot state
Cool: one Sachets Ginseng Coffee brewed GK with warm water (75 ml) in a tall glass, stir the wheel

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