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Ginger Coffee GK
Ginger Coffee GK
Ginger Coffee GK
Ginger Coffee GK
Ginger Coffee GK
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IDR 32000.00

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Ginger Coffee Drink

What's GK Ginseng Coffee?
GK Ginseng Coffee is a refreshing drink that is healthy, mengadung quality selection of materials, namely sugar, coffee, creamer and ginseng.

So why formula?
Formula with a quality selection of materials makes the GK coffee Ginseng coffee is not just refreshing, but make healthy GK Ginseng Coffee with multipurpose properties. Ginseng Coffee GK using robusta coffee, because caffeine has the best quality and fragrant. Caffeine works as a driver of nerve and heart, so if you drink it will feel fresh and free drowsiness. Coffee is also very well known to contain high antioxidants that can counteract free radicals in the body.

Ginseng Korean ginseng is used which is the world's best ginseng to produce extra energy and stamina are tough. Active compounds "ginsenosides" contained in it makes you more energetic, stamina and also have excellent immune and blood circulation. Ginseng also serves to prevent anemia and low blood pressure, improve respiratory function, prevents coughs, tuberculosis and asthma.
What advantage Compared to Other Coffee?

Ginseng Coffee GK advantages compared to other coffee is to have a complete formula, making it not only serves as a refreshment but it has many health benefits.

What Health Benefits?
# Helps increase stamina
# Helps boost immunity
# Helps blood circulation
# Helps prevent anemia, low blood pressure and heart problems

Serving Method:
Hot: One Sachet GK Ginseng Coffee is brewed with 1 cup hot water (150ml), stir well and serve in hot conditions
Cool: One Sachet GK Ginseng Coffee is brewed with warm water (75ml) in a tall glass, stir then add Ice Cube and sweetened condensed milk 2 tablespoons, stir and serve in a cold state.

LP-POM MUI: 17120001970909
DEPKES No. 210360301309
Net Weight: 400g (20 Sachet @ 20g)
Manufactured by: PT. Mandiri Jatama Agung
Tangerang - Indonesia
Distributed By: Coffee Lovers Indonesia

Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height) = (20x6x26)

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