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Kopi 6UP Isi 12 Sachet (Box)
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31 Mar 2020
1 Box
IDR 250.000

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Drink Coffee 6UP Coffee 12 Sachet (Box)

6UP Coffee Royal Grade For Adult Men
6UP Coffee was developed by the Sino USA Collaboration Technology Research Center at the University Medical Faculty, USA where 13,500 people participated for 15 years to develop this coffee. The coffee formulation is patented and proven to meet the nutritional cells of the body and prevent aging so Morgan Coffee becomes the top choice of athletes in the United States as a source of their body's nutrients.

Morgan Coffee is formed from a unique formula containing Cynomorium Songaricum. Cynomorium Songaricum is known as "Ginseng in the wilderness". This plant is also known as "Herbal longevity". Since centuries ago in the medical world.

Morgan Coffee contains essential nutrients for body cells that are 15 amino acids, 23 trace elements, and various types of antioxidants. Amino acids are essential for the body's antibodies to attack bacteria and viruses, for the formation of hemoglobin for oxygen transport, as well as for the formation of enzymes and hormones to regulate metabolism.

Consumption of 1 Sachet Every 3 Days Will Improve Vitality of Adult Male Health.

Benefits of Miracle Coffee:
1. Help Streamlines Circulation
2. Helps Increase Sexual Response
3. Helps Increase Stamina and Vitality of Adult Men

Material contents:
Instant coffee, Skim Milk, Panax Ginseng, Cynomorium Sangaricum, Cordyceps, Krimer, and Sugar.

Serving Suggestion:
Pour one sachet into a glass, Add 150ml of warm water and stir it evenly, and ready to be enjoyed.

For people with high blood pressure, heart problems and stroke were first consulted with an expert or physician. Not recommended consumed by pregnant women and minors.
Store in a cool, dry place that is protected from the sun and keep out of reach of children.

LP-POM-MUI: ​​17120003760311
DINKES RI PIRT No: 510317460418-19
Net Weight: 300g (12 Sachet @ 25g)
Manufactured by: PT. Anugrah Manufaktur Persada Indonesia
Distributed By: PT. Golden Gate International

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