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Kopi Dynamic Isi 10 Sachet (Box)
Kopi Dynamic Isi 10 Sachet (Box)
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31 Mar 2020
1 Box
IDR 199.999

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Coffee Dynamic Contents 10 Sachet (Box)

Drink Coffee Powder With Ginseng
Enjoy With Dynamic Coffee
If all this coffee is only known as a friend to stay up because of its Caffeine content, Maybe now is the time you know the perfection of Dynamic Coffee. Compound the ingredients accordingly, Make Dynamic coffee very enjoyable to drink during the day or night. In general, Based on a scientific study conducted by experts in the United States says that coffee gives a positive effect for health greater than the consumption of fruits and vegetables. The scientists calculated the amount of anti-oxidant content (Anti-free radical substances) In more than 100 types of foods including vegetables, fruits, nuts, various spices, oil and beverages. The findings were then combined with the existing data in the US agriculture department and the contribution of each type to the average diet in the United States.

Benefits of Dynamic Coffee:
1. Helps strengthen the immune system & antioxidants
2. Helps improve concentration and memory
3. Helps calm the nervous system or antidepressants
4. Helps reduce hypertension and cholesterol
5. Helps to treat asthma and respiratory disorders
6. Helps to accelerate the body's metabolism
7. Helps improve mental clarity & thoughts
8. Helps increase levels of tertoteron and sperm production
9. Helps improve body stamina
Helps smooth menstruation (coming months)

Recommended Use: To maintain health, Consume 1 sachet every 3 days.
Ingredients / Content:
Coffee, Sugar, Vegetable Cream, Ginseng Extract, Natural Coffee Flavor

Serving Suggestion:
Pour the contents of the sachet into the cup, and mix it with 150ml of hot water, then stir it evenly, and ready to be enjoyed.

For people with high blood pressure, heart problems and stroke first consulted with an expert or doctor. Not recommended consumed by pregnant women and underage children.
Store in a cool and dry place sheltered from the sun and keep out of the reach of children.

BPOM RI MD. 867028005319
Net Weight: 300g (10 Sachet @ 30g)
Manufactured by: CV. Dwi Daya Nutrika
Distributed To: PT. Power Dynamics Nusantara

At the age of 61 this year, I have pursue career film world almost 38 years, 90% with the theme of action. Lately I feel inside doing shooting activities, I feel the body quickly cape, linu-linudi joints and passion decreased drastically. But I was lucky to find Dynamic Coffee. I drink Dynamic Coffee on a regular basis the results are very satisfactory, my Physical back prime, passion again young again.

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