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Permen Kopi Akiyo
Permen Kopi Akiyo
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Specification of Permen Kopi Akiyo

Supplements and Vitamins Coffee Akiyo Contents 25 Pcs (Box)

Health for the human body is very important, where if the body is not healthy any activity will be disrupted. Especially in the present time where accuracy and precision become the very main in solving everything.

If the disease has attacked, then all can be affected, such problems can be bad if it happens prolonged and left alone, without any solution. Therefore, humans will not be able to avoid problems such as fatigue, fatigue, lethargy, anemia, lack of concentration, indigestion, severe stress, and even for men can be at risk of prostate disorders or even prostate cancer caused by free radicals.

Health Benefits of Akiyo candy are as follows:
1. Protect men from prostate disorders
2. Improve bladder function
3. Not easily depressed / stress
4. Prevent bone loss
5. Prevent the formation of kidney stones
6. Meet the needs of Magnesium in the body
7. Lowering cholesterol levels
8. Increase the harmony of husband and wife

Benefits are contained in a herb blend of Akiyo with the main content of Pumkin Seed / Pumpkin Seed.
Pumpkin seeds are a very useful natural food source of choice as carbohydrates, amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids. Pumpkin seeds also contain lots of vitamin B, Vitamin C, D, E, and K. There are also lime, mineeral, potassium, and phosphorus chips.

Malt, Coffee, Red Sugar, Fruit Papaya, Soy Protein and Pumpkin Fruit.
Recommended Use:
To maintain the healthy consumption of 1 piece every day
How to Storage:
Store in a cool and dry place with a temperature of 28 C and protected from sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.
For those suffering from high blood pressure, heart disorders and stroke please consult a doctor or an expert before consuming AKIYO PERMEN KOPI.

BPOM RI ML: 824409001397
Net Weight: 107.5 g (25 Candy @ 4.3g)

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